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Hiking, strolling, biking, climbing, canyoning, rafting, swimming… countless possibilities, spread over a 65km long outdoor-area. Become one with the nature and get to know the multifarious Ötztal valley. Signposted bike routes, gently rising paths and steep trails, comfortable alpine huts, outreaching peaks, imposing three-thousand-meter mountains, the dance on the elements water, earth and air … all this makes the Ötztal valley one of the most popular places for training and health.

No matter if you come alone, with your friends or your family; in the Ötztal valley everyone finds a place to do sports or just a place to feel good. For more information about the summer and spare time offers in the Ötztal valley visit www.oetztal.com or www.laengenfeld.com

Huben 101
A-6444 Längenfeld

T: 0043 664 96 76 232
M: info@apart-daheim.at